Photographer's Profile:

(Charming) Kendra

Hiya, I’m Kendra, the Charming half of this duo.

I received my first camera from Santa when I was too small to do much except take pictures of dogs, because that’s what was at eye level. That sweet little Kodak Disc camera became an obsession and led to a many-decade long love of photographing kids, animals, and very small bits of found beauty like interesting bugs or pretty sidewalk cracks. It makes me very annoying to travel with!

My career in photography didn’t begin until long past the 1980’s with its thousands of photographs of my beloved dog Stubby, and even long past the 1990’s where I would set up homemade Glamour Shots with my friends and sisters, and has included weddings, promotional photography for crafters and costume designers, and events like the East Valley Veterans Day Parade.

Kendra Photographing

I serve, additionally, as the Head People Wrangler for Mighty Charming’s single photographer jobs. I love to assist on jobs that include children and believe that kids making weird faces or even howling in displeasure make perfect photographs because they capture how your child is in that moment in time. Having both a grown daughter and two (much) younger children, I treasure the photos that are far from the “perfect” picture frame posing. While I miss the smell of the dark room, having switched to a Nikon digital SLR has allowed me to take hundreds of photos per event ensuring that somewhere in every shoot exists the perfect shot for each client I have the privilege of photographing.

What I love to shoot:

My favorite thing to photograph for pleasure is Found Art. I believe that beauty exists all around us, even when things are falling down or far from perfect.

Professionally my passion lies in photographs of babies, children, and weddings. I also really enjoy boudoir photography and celebrating each person’s unique beauty. I take the time to get to know each client, working with you to get to know what your dream for your photos is and then figuring out how to achieve it.

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